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The Police Leaders’ Guild (Te Rōpū Tiaki ngā Rangatira Pirihimana), a Service Organisation for Managers and Leaders in the New Zealand Police. It is an Organisation to promote policing leadership, skills, values and knowledge, and ensure the provision of the best services and benefits for Police leaders.

“What the Guild does is invest in all of our futures”

The Guild provides its members and community groups with funding for development opportunities!

Educational Assistance

This is fantastic news! Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone. This grant (towards Masters in Advanced Leadership Practise at Massey University) is going to make a huge difference to me and my family.

I successfully defended my Doctoral thesis on Friday 5 May, at my Viva Voce. I was able to get there thanks to the Guild’s grant-[that wee grant was instrumental in getting me over the line] and You (the Guild) have been thanked in my acknowledgements. It will be official (i.e. I can use “Dr”) once I’ve graduated in December.

I graduated from Auckland University on Wednesday with my Master in Laws with First Class Honours in Human Rights. I would like to thank the Guild for the support you have provided for both my Bachelors and my Masters between 2000 and 2007. The support from the Guild makes a huge difference when trying to raise a family and study at the same time. Even more so now Police only provide study assistance generally. So thank you all.

Community Assistance




After more than 25 years as the Executive officer for the Leaders Guild, Earle Cooper has retired, well sort of. He is still remaining as a board member of the Guild Trust. I have been lucky enough to work alongside Earle for a number of years as a Guild member. Earle bought to the role strengths he utilized as the Commandant of the Royal New Zealand Police College, prior to his first retirement. During his time as Executive Officer, he has established a relationship across police, government agencies and non-government agencies based on mutual respect and trust and sometimes just a handshake (remember those days?). There isn’t much that Earle doesn’t know about what’s happening across the country when it relates to policing. The challenge for us is to ensure we keep all that knowledge and those relationships that Earle has built up working at the same level. There certainly are a large pair of shoes to fill and I’m glad he is still hooked in and only a call away. Well, apart from the odd cruise he might take Leslie on.

At the beginning of December, I took over the role after a brief induction from the man himself. I have taken over the role at a time when the executive has signaled a desire and intent to build on our name change earlier this year to the Police Leaders Guild. During the coming year, you can expect to hear more from the executive on social media and in person, especially around leadership. I’m looking forward to working with the Guild Executive and making contact with many of you over 2020. Oh, and who am I? I’m the fella with the jacket on standing next to Earle in the photo. Retired from police in 2015/16 after 35 years. Over that time I worked various roles in Auckland, Northland, and Waikato. Since 2015 I have spent 3 months every year traveling and picking up contract work in the months I’ve been home. You will also see that I will be working from Mount Maunganui which is where I now live. Catch you in the new year ( which is tomorrow), hopefully, you all get a bit of a break over the next few weeks.

Kind Regards