The service organization for Managers and Leaders in The New Zealand Police. Leaders.

The Guild is about representing the views of members, as Police Leaders, to the Police Executive. As a member, you see yourself as a leader and a leaders needs are different from those of the majority of police members. You are part of a small group and your voice can easily be lost. The benefits of Guild membership are unique and significant to managers and leaders in the Police.  The Guild provides you with a service that promotes your professional development, looks after your interests as a Police Leader, and advocates for you in a way that is more personalized and done in a non-confrontational manner. It provides you with dedicated professional service in keeping with your Leadership role and aspirations.

Supporting Leadership Development

Not only does the New Police Leaders Guild work with the Guild Trust to deliver to community projects,  it also supports Guild members and their families through contributing funding towards various forms of study, education, research or training, which will be of benefit directly or indirectly to the community. The New Zealand Police Leaders Guild reimburses up to 60 percent of fees for individual papers and lump sums of $5000 for study towards Masters studies ( maximum of 3 years). Our recent name change to the  New Zealand Police Leaders Guild also reflects the changing face of leadership in the Police. Leadership isn’t defined by rank or uniform but the desire to contribute to the organization’s goals and ultimately a safe New Zealand.




Leaders Serving the Community

Did you know that when you become a member of the New Zealand Police Leaders Guild you automatically become a member of the Police Managers Guild Trust? The Trust Deed was established in November 1996 with 2 of the original members Dame Augusta Wallace and Sir John Walker, both great  New Zealand identities. Since it’s inception the Trust has contributed more than $3,500,000 to families, youth, community projects and organizations across the nation. The criteria for consideration of applications is wide. The trust usually considers applications 2-3 times a year. Check out the Guild Trust site to see the latest contributions. 





I found to my delight my PMSS degree in the mail last week. I passed the course and was conferred with the degree remotely (no graduation)….As always, much thanks to the Manager’s Guild for the financial support in undertaking this course. There’s no way I could have done it otherwise. No way at all. It has been of immense benefit for me in my role. It really opened my eyes wider beyond the machinery of government and I made many great contacts throughout the social sector in particular. The course convenors were really pleased to have Police staff on the course. I think we really added value for the other 20 students and shattered many myths. Member 2020 Abridged



Aotea Family Support Group staff and trustees would like to share our sincere appreciation for the $2000 donation we received at the end of 2019, from the Police Managers Guild Trust. With this generous donation we have been able to purchase 6 good quality child restraining car seats….  There was approximately $500 remaining after these seats were purchased and …. we agreed to put it toward buying musical instruments for the newly formed AFSG Mainly Music program for under 5 years old…Run weekly in Claris by AFSG’s Youth Coordinator, Keri Lyon, this is fast becoming a popular addition to AFSG’s youth services and this donation will ensure that the Mainly music program becomes a more “tactile” experience for our little dancers. Community Organisation, 2020, Abridged



I am writing to say thank you again to the Police Managers Guild trust for their donation which went towards my fundraising for my Cambodia and Vietnam expedition back in December 2019…. we built a courtyard for a school prone to flooding, we spent 4 days in a small village called Kompong Khleang.  We traveled to the school every morning at 7am and worked till 3pm working on the court yard…… we spent 4 days in the rain forests of Ratanakiri where we had to sleep in hammocks and cook our own food, the scenery was beautiful with perfect water holes to go swimming after a hot day of walking…And lastly we had a week exploring and going to markets where we really got to experience the culture of Cambodia and Vietnam. Community Youth Grant 2019 (Abridged)



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    Did you know that when you become a member of the New Zealand Police Leaders Guild you automatically become a member of the Police Managers Guild Trust? The Trust Deed was established in November 1996 with 2 of the original members Dame Augusta Wallace and Sir...