There is a saying “if we do what we always do we will get the same as what we had”. This not only applies in actions but also in the way we think. Often communities on the wrong end of government-led programs call for radical change. They want the old system thrown out, not just altered to fit. Our responses are with the best of intentions but often tainted by looking through a single lens. We see more and more calls alleging racial profiling in our methods and techniques across all of government. Institutional racism is not a subject we talk about with ease. Systemic change in our society requires not only a complete change in the way we interact with our communities but the way we think about our communities. It requires bold action, openness and a willingness to put ourselves out there as leaders, discomfort, and doubt included. The TED talk below questions our own perceptions. It relates to our interactions as Leaders with our most vulnerable communities. Food For Thought?