Guild History

Promote welfare and efficiency in police

The name New Zealand Police Managers’ Guild came into being in 1994 as a result of the 30th Annual Conference determining that as a result of senior non-sworn members joining the Guild, there should be a change in direction by the Guild from representation of commissioned officer to managers in the police of any rank or designation, sworn and non sworn.

Over the years there have been attempts to join the Guild and the Association through a merger or through some form of federation. None of these has been successful mainly through concerns by association members about “senior men in the association damping down the juniors who would be unwilling to speak against those who controlled their livelihoods”.

While such concerns are well in the past there is still some reluctance from both the Guild and the Association to a joining of the two organisations. In 1994 the Association changed its rules to allow associate membership to commissioned officers. This was later changed to allow commissioned officers full membership.