Our Purpose

Our Purpose

As a group of managers, the Guild monitors the employment needs of all employees in Police, ensuring that the needs of leaders and managers do not get “buried” in the considerations for the wider Police employee group.

It has a membership that can not only competently understand policy and corporate knowledge, but also understand what strategy is and the impacts not just in Police, but across the public sector/New Zealand and internationally.

Services Provided

The Guild provides individual and collective service to its members. It listens to member’s issues and promotes their discussion and potential solutions. The services available can be activated through a Delegate, a member of Management or the Executive Officer.

Police and Families Credit Union and Police Staff Welfare Board

Our Treasurer Inspector Roly Williams is a Director on the Board of the Credit Union and the Guild Executive Delegate, Inspector Glyn Rowland is a Director on the Board of Staff Welfare Fund.


In addition to the benefits available through the Welfare Fund and the Credit Union, the Guild has developed two additional benefits focusing on financial assistance for managerial and leadership development programmes.

One is for higher learning opportunities; while this can include attendance at an overseas seminar, conferences or courses, it is more geared to assistance for course costs based on tertiary institutions in New Zealand.

The other initiative is for local policing and can include for example a youth project that has a strong leadership component in which a Guild member is involved or is prepared to sponsor.

A further benefit is the availability of an Executive Officer, Earle Cooper who looks after membership issues and provides an advisory service on a range of issues.


The Guild’s fortnightly subscription is $18.00. This can be deducted automatically from your salary, or if you wish, a special deduction process can be arranged.


The President, the Vice-President, Executive and District Delegates for your area are available at any time to discuss issues and provide support. As an alternative, you can communicate with Executive Officer, Earle Cooper who works closely with the Management Committee.