What is the Police Leaders' Guild?

The Police Leaders’ Guild, a Service Organisation for Managers and Leaders in the New Zealand Police. It is an Organisation to promote policing leadership, skills, values and knowledge, and ensure the provision of the best services and benefits for Police leaders.

Why do I need the Police Leaders’ Guild?

The Guild is about Police managers representing Police managers to Police management. As a Police manager, your needs are different from those of the majority of police members. You are part of a small group and your voice can easily be lost. The benefits of Guild membership are unique and significant to managers and leaders in the Police.

The Guild was established in 1955, following a series of events which led to the then Prime Minister Sidney Holland to state that he would welcome the formation of “a police officers guild” separate from the Police Association which was formed in 1936. This new police officers guild would be established “to promote welfare and efficiency within the force by focusing on the needs and issues of Police management, which differ from the needs of the police staff they manage.

One of many modern examples of this is the different industrial representation that is required when managers must also demonstrate solidarity with the Commissioner. The Guild provides you with a service that promotes your professional development, looks after your interests as a Police manager and advocates for you in a way that is more personalised and less confrontational. It provides you with a dedicated professional service in keeping with your management role.

How does the Guild support me as a Police manager?

The Guild has a wide range of ways it supports you as a manager and leader. Amongst these are three key roles -advocacy: professional development and promoting fairness, professionalism, capacity and excellence in Police managers and leaders. These three areas are in addition to the support provided by the Police Health Plan, the Police and Families Credit Union and the Police Welfare Fund, all of which the Guild jointly administers on your behalf. The Guild also has a further fund, known as the Managers’ Guild Trust, which as a Guild member you will be able to utilise to provide support for community organisations that support the Police.

The Guild is structured so that it can listen and respond to issues locally and nationally. In your area you have a local delegate who supports you at a district level. There is also a national Guild Management Committee that meets regularly to support members at a national level. An Executive Officer undertakes most of the administrative functions of the Guild, supporting delegates and the management committee, as well as providing an advisory service for all members on a wide range of issues. Every year there is a national conference, attended by all Guild delegates and management to discuss all aspects of the Guild’s management and operation.


The Guild actively advocates on behalf of Police managers and leaders. It provides advocacy at four levels – operational, industrial, government and legal.

Operational Advocacy

  • Commenting on operational policies from the viewpoint of their implications for management staff
  • Initiating discussion with the Police executive and other levels of management on operational policy in response to Guild members’ concerns

Industrial advocacy

  • Looking after pay and conditions of members, via assistance with individual agreements; negotiating remuneration issues in the pay round; oversight of the welfare of managers and their work conditions
  • Keeping track of the wider HR policy environment, via oversight of the impact on managers, both as individuals and as managers of other people; commenting on the broader HR environment from the viewpoint of implications for management staff; and initiating discussion with the Police executive on the wider HR policy environment in response to Guild members concerns.

Legal advocacy

Maintaining a fund to provide legal assistance to members for situations which arise out of their employment with Police.

Comments from members:

  • I would like to thank the Police Managers’ Guild for the assistance  given to me with my recent employment difficulties. The support and  assistance offered by the Executive Officer was excellent in the trying  times that I was forced to endure. It was invaluable to have someone  of his knowledge and experience acting as an advocate on my behalf.
  • The recommendation of the Guild Solicitor to act for me also proved  extremely beneficial. He was understanding of my situation and was  always available for advice if required.
Professional Development

The Guild’s communication network enables information sharing on police management trends nationally and internationally. Mentoring is available through the Guild, which many people particularly appreciate as they move into new levels of management. The Guild also has an educational assistance scheme to assist managers in honing their skills for the future, which has proved to be of real value to members, who in many cases would not have been able to complete their degrees without being able to offset some of the costs.

Comments from members:

  • Last year the Guild advanced me $1,500 towards my fees for the academic  year…without this the Masters of Public Management study would have  been an even greater load for me and my family.
  • My thanks to the Guild for the contribution to me tertiary education cost…I  do not think I would have been able to complete my degree without the help  I have received.
  • I have just received your letter and the enclosed cheque for last years study  and the advance for this years study…surprised and thrilled are the best  way to describe my response…I was able to make a huge dent in the VISA  bills associated with my study.
  • My thanks and appreciation to the Guild for its education assistance. The  contribution greatly assists me in pursuing my academic qualification.
Promoting Fairness, Professionalism, Capacity and Excellence

The Guild is very active in raising management and leadership issues, and in influencing policy development in the New Zealand Police. The Guild is not afraid to raise issues that are complex and difficult, as well as resolving smaller issues that can cause aggravation. Wherever possible the Guild uses a non-confrontational approach to problem solving.

It does this in a wide range of ways including:

  • Informal networking and communication between Guild members regarding issues of interest
  • Regularly raising Guild issues in meetings of influence
  • Letters from the Guild to the Police executive and other levels of management
  • Formal meetings between Guild representatives and the Police executive
  • Formal meetings between Guild representative and the Minister of Police and other government bodies and committees
Police and Families Credit Union, Police Health Plan and Police Welfare Fund

Together with the New Zealand Police Association, the Guild entitles membership of the Police and Families Credit Union and the Police Welfare Fund, including the Police Health Plan.

The Guild nominates a Director to these organisations. The benefits include holiday homes and insurance services. For convenience, to maximise facility use, reduce costs to members and allow for one point of service at a Central Service Centre, the Welfare Fund, Health Plan and Credit Union have their offices in the same building.

The Police Managers’ Guild Trust

This Trust, associated with the Guild but run independently, was established in response to identified need for financial assistance to the many community groups that work closely with Police, most of which struggle for funding to provide assistance to their communities. One of the things the Trust does is fund and provide booklets on crime prevention related topics free of charge to homes through New Zealand. The objects of the Trust deed are very wide, and as a Guild member you have the advantage of being able to seek funding from the Trust for community projects, clubs of sporting activities in which you are involved. Check out the Police Managers’ Guild Trust website which has a link to this site.